Filcar oil and energy supply units


Product Description


This multiservice column made of painted metal sheet supplies energy and houses 6 fluid hose reels. It is equipped with collection tank and pipe passage in the support uprights. It can be configured in different versions, see optional program on the page to the side. It can be supplied disassembled or assembled. Configurations with exhaust oil extraction and oil management pumps are available upon request. Contact the Filcar sales department for special configurations.

Multiservice column for 3-fluid, energy and compressed air supply, consisting of:
– 3 x 1/2” oil hose reels L. 10 m with dispensing gun and digital meter
– 2 x Hose reels 15 m with 11W Neon lamp

– 2 x Compressed air hose reels 8/12 mm L. 10 m
– 1 x Industrial single-phase interlocked socket with protection fuses 220V-16A – 1 x Industrial three-phase interlocked socket with protection fuses 3P + T 380V-16A
-1 X 220 V electrical socket SHUKO-16A (Standard IT and DE)
– Upper box.

Set-up for utility connection from the upper, back and bottom panel, with machine power cable. Kombo is equipped with adjustable feet.

Totum Oil – 4

Multiservice column consisting of: – 4 x 1/2” oil hose reels – 10 m (*)
– 4 x wall mounted drip trays
– 2 x air hose reels 10/14 mm – 8 m – 2 x 15 m hose reels with lamp.

– 2 x 1/2” quick connections for filtered and adjusted compressed air – 1 x 1/2” quick connection for filtered and lubricated compressed air. – 2 x sockets 230V, 16A, 2P+T, 50-60Hz
– 1 x socket 400V, 16A, 3P+N+T, 50-60Hz
– 1 x socket 400V, 32A, 3P+N+T, 50-60Hz
– 4 x circuit breakers for sockets
– 1 x padlocked tools tray cabinet
– 1 x upper connection guard
– 1 x 1 m upper wall unit to cover riser hoses.
(*) – oil dispensing guns not included.


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