Nussbaum 2 Post Lift

Product Description

Nussbaum 2 post lifts Ireland

No Equalization Cables: Patented HyperFlow® technology allows the lift to equalize itself each time it reaches its top position. This innovation means your lift is safer as a broken cable can drop a car. It also means you can save up to €2,000 over the life of the lift on inspection fees and cable replacements.
Time is money: The HF NT has the fastest lifting and lowering times in the industry. 20 seconds up / 16 seconds down with No Battery Required
Flexibility: The HF NT is flexible in width and height which can be adjusted to maximize your shop’s layout, utilization and efficiency
HF NT 12000 also available with our industry only Double Jointed Arms. From a Fiat to a Ford F350, our exclusive double jointed arms will reach all of your lifting points. As seen on the Velocity Channel’s “Wheeler Dealers”.
Available in capacities from 2500kg to 18000kg, with standard asymmetric or unique double-jointed arms
Fast lifting and lowering times guarantee high cost effectiveness
Powerful and uniform lifting with control lever
No floor connection and no top static connection of the columns is necessary
NT System – double hydraulic system replaces mechanical locks
HyperFlow® technology ensures synchronization without cables or pulleys
Nearly wear-free hydraulic cylinders
Self-equalization system for the hydraulic system
Slim design – cylinders are protected behind covers
Far reach arms to pick up long vans with lowest lifting point
Low noise oil-submerged motor
Extremely low maintenance lift – no expensive parts to be replaced and no down time during servicing