BALCO 4 Wheel Laser Alignment

Product Description

Fast and efficient step-by-step aligner operation.

Fast, precise measurements with accurate laser technology.

Cableless laser heads.

All laser beams are clearly visible.

On/off control and indication for each laser head,

Laser power intensity control for each laser head.

Easy-to-read laser image line, even in bright sunlight.

No special adaptors required for wheel rims greater than or equal to 10’ (254mm) or outer tyre diameters up to 35’ (890mm).

Automatic power off function to conserve laser head battery life. This can be preset to 10 minutes (delivery setting) or 20 minutes

Low battery voltage indicator.

Simple to use and no extensive training required.

Front panel for advertising purposes.

Convenient storage of accessories on unit.

Easily moved from one location to another,

Simple calibration procedures.

Laser self-diagnostics.

Low service and maintenance requirements.