SIP 270 litre 2x3hp Compressor

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Product Description

SIP Airmate oil lubricated air compressor has been manufactured with 2 x 3hp (2.2kW) motors to offer maximum power from a single phase 230v (32amp) supply. Designed with twin pump units which offer the added benefit of a single continued operation in the event of a single pump or motor failure and 2 x twin cylinder single stage pumps.Featuring a cast iron barrel, 270 litre air receiver, high efficiency pump and an aluminium die cast valve plate with steel rods. With a 32CFM piston displacement from a 145psi (10 bar) maximum pressure rating this compressor gives a
22CFM free air delivery output.
 Supply: 230v (32amp)
Motor: 2 x 3hp
Air Receiver: 270 litre
Piston Displacement: 32CFM
Max Pressure: 145psi
Part No. 05251
 **Stationary compressors must be fitted with anti vibration mountings, please see accessories section for the correct mountings (sold separately).

Compressor Tips

To decide the correct compressor for you, firstly decide on which tools you require to use with the compressor. You then need to look at the free air delivery (FAD) to ensure that the compressor is able to power the tools required. Then the tank size needs to be taken into consideration, a small tank will only give you a few seconds of compressed air which is suitable for a riveter whereas a spray gun will require a continuous air flow needing a larger tank.

When sanding or spraying ensure the compressor is as far away as possible to prolong the life of your machine.