20150902022426_NT-Kever03 wit + P801 display

Altus Plate Brake Tester

Product Description

The BP-series of plate brake testers in combination with the P801 digital display analyses the brakes
of a vehicle under dynamic conditions of each individual wheel for the service- and parking brake.
The brake forces and difference left/right of an axle can be measured.

Standard P801 features are:

Infra-red remote control hand set for operation of all functions of the plate brake tester!
Automatic test sequence!
Automatic storage of test results!
Recalling off all values!
Wall bracket!
It contains a digital LED display for presenting:

Brake forces left and right per axle!
Brake difference left/right per axle!
Calculated brake efficiency for service- and parking brake!
Sideslip meter values!
Axle weight, vehicle weight (manual input)!
End plates for in-floor configurations
Pedal force meter
Matrix printer
Pivoting wall bracket
Printer drawer