Tire Spyder Mobile Truck Tyre Changing System

Product Description

The TireSpyder System

The TireSpyder System is a revolutionary new tire changing system engineered with the power of a full floor machine. Consisting of four specialized components, The TireSpyder, The Bead Breaker, Spyder Irons, and an OSHA Approved Inflation Cage, the TireSpyder System is a self-contained, mobile tire system for the road or in the shop.


The Benefits


Reduce Operator Injuries

Strenuous activity increases injury. The TireSpyder eliminates many of the common risks associated with tire changes, especially on the road. Keep your employees healthy and working!

Stay Safe During Inclement Weather Conditions

Tire damage is unpredictable, just like the weather. Provide a safe and quick way for drivers to get back on the road and out of dangerous road and weather conditions.

Keep Employees Working

Injured employees means added cost and lost time. Decrease employee turn-over and increase your productivity in the shop!


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