Groove Glove Tyre & Alignment Diagnostics

The first-of-its-kind laser-powered tire tread depth and alignment measurement instrument that fits in the palm of your hand!

The Groove Glove™ provides detailed tire tread depth and vehicle alignment recommendations utilizing the same powerful software used by the Tire Profiles – TreadSpec drive over products.

Quickly complete a vehicle scan anywhere in the service facility. All you need is a wireless signal. The software then computes a customer report to dramatically increase tire and alignment sales.


Stay ahead of your competitor and boost customer confidence. Increase tyre and alignment sales instantly


Product Description





    The touch screen is used primarily used for navigation from tire to tire. Prior to scanning a tire the user would select which tire they are about to scan. The device has a selector for 4 or 6 tires to allow the users to indicate how many wheels on the vehicle.

    As the user moves around the vehicle measuring the tires they will select which tire they are about to scan prior to scanning using the interface
    on the touch screen.


    The device comes equipped with an integrated on-board camera. This camera is used to capture the vehicle’s identification through reading the bar code, license plate photo capture or license plate recognition (LPR).

    This functionality comes standard with every GrooveGlove™ although the use of this functionality is optional and does not impact the output if not used.


    The GrooveGlove™ has a built in inertial sensor that determines the movement of the device during scanning. This allows the on-board software to determine if the user has lifted the device off the surface of the tire. Should this happen the user will be prompted audibly and on the screen to rescan.



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